What Are the Most Important Things to Consider When Making an Offer on a House?

There are a lot of promising houses for sale in Victoria, TX. Before you move forward with an offer, though, you'll want to make some important considerations. Homebuyers would be smart to consider the additional costs, their daily needs, and what the local market is doing.

5 Things to Consider When Making Offers on Houses for Sale In Victoria, TX

1. Additional Costs

Mortgage payments are a major expense that tends to steal the spotlight. Keep in mind that you need to consider the additional expenses that really add up. Some buyers may need to consider HOA fees or private mortgage insurance. Other expenses to plan for include closing costs, home insurance, taxes, utilities, and both routine and unexpected maintenance.

Routine maintenance might include hiring someone to mow the lawn. Unexpected maintenance requires an emergency fund for costs like a broken water heater. Financial experts recommend saving 1% to 4% of your home's value each year for repair costs.

2. Day-to-Day Life

Evaluate the home's location and how that will impact your daily commute to work or other places you visit regularly. Also, consider local crime rates and how that may impact daily life. What are the local schools? Even if you don't have children, this has an impact on your property value when you sell in the future.

What are the homeowners association rules and how do they align with your own life and expectations? Does the neighborhood seem quiet, and does that matter to you? Consider what's important to you and what will have an impact on your quality of life. This will greatly influence how long you end up staying in your new home.

3. Contingencies

Your sales contract will include contingencies that allow you to step away from the deal if anything goes wrong. If these clauses aren't met during the deal, the buyer can keep their earnest money. Often, buyers will include contingencies for the title and home inspection.

Buyers using bank financing will also usually include contingencies for the appraisal and financing. The bank typically requires this to make sure that the home's purchase price is worth the amount they're lending for it.

4. Research the Home's History

Have your Greg Spears Realty Agent research how recently was this home previously on the market? What has it sold for in the past? Who truly owns the property currently and are there additional loans past the mortgage or anything else on the property? Do any additions to the home have proper permits? We have powerful tools that help us dive deep into the property's history. This may be information that influences your decision to buy or how much you want to offer.

5. The Market

Talk to your real estate agent about the current housing inventory in your area. You can also do a little research online to discover more about this. Are there a lot of comparable homes for sale right now? The number of homes for sale and their time on the market can indicate how competitive home sales currently are.

Also, take a look at the amount homes recently listed at and if they sold for asking. This can influence how much you decide to offer for a property.

Homebuyers have a lot of important points to consider during the offer process. Fortunately, they don't need to do it alone. Make sure you have an experienced realtor on your side to help you navigate the process. Contact Greg Spears Realty today for help purchasing your new Texas home. 

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