Selling a Home? Three Keys to Boosting Its Curb Appeal

If you live in Victoria, TX, now is the perfect time to benefit from selling your home because, as realtors in Victoria, TX will be quick to tell you, real estate prices are on the rise. Ensuring that you have the right curb appeal is critical for selling your home and getting the best value. You can make some simple yet effective changes to your home's exterior to boost curb appeal and get the best return.

Selling a Home in Victoria, TX? Three Keys to Boosting the Curb Appeal of Your Real Estate

1. Paint the Exterior

One of the easiest ways to increase curb appeal and completely change the look and feel of your home's exterior is by painting. Depending on your skillset and the amount of time and money you want to invest into this project, you can either paint your home yourself or hire professionals. The benefit of hiring professionals is that they can do the job quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

They know exactly how and where to tape and mask off the house to prevent paint from getting on areas you don't want it. Choose a color that will attract buyers, a neutral color like gray, white, beige, or neutral shades of blue or green. Don't pick too bold or extreme a color because it may hurt your resale value. Most buyers prefer neutral colors that they can work with, not statement-making colors.

2. Add Landscaping

An easy way to boost your curb appeal is by adding landscaping. There are different ways to landscape your front yard; some are minor, and others are more extensive. Either way, adding landscaping will make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Minor and major changes both improve a home, but how extensive changes you want to make will be predetermined by your budget.

Hardscaping or zero-scaping are popular options that involve fewer traditional beds and more rock, drought-tolerant plants and create a more modern look. Choose your landscaping carefully and consider working with a landscape design company to choose the right look based on your home's style. Landscaping makes your home look better, and it gives buyers peace of mind knowing that they won't have to embark on a huge, expensive landscaping project shortly after closing.

3. Focus on the Front Porch

The front porch is one the most important parts of the home's exterior because it's the main focal point. Your curb appeal will suffer if it doesn't have that wow factor. Add planters, stylish wreaths, or update posts and railings. Additionally, widening steps, resurfacing concrete, adding outdoor tiles to a concrete porch, or covering it with composite decking boards will completely change the look.

The Importance of Choosing Realtors in Victoria, TX

When you're preparing to sell your home, it's important that you choose realtors who understand your local market. At Greg Spears Realty, our expert realtors know the ins and outs of the Victoria area and will help you determine how to improve your curb appeal and prepare your home to list it as soon as you're ready.

Our goal at Greg Spears Realty is to help you get the best value when selling your home and then help you find a new one that meets every item on your wish list. Contact us today at Greg Spears Realty to speak with one of our experts who can evaluate your home and help determine the best ways to increase your curb appeal and prepare your home so that you can benefit from this seller's market.

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