5 Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Save You Money

When selling a house, a good real estate agent typically adds far more value than the cost of their commission. Their assistance allows you to sell more quickly, easily, and profitably, which is why 86% of home sellers use a realtor. If you're currently unsure whether or not to use an agent for your home sale in Victoria, TX or anywhere else, the following five money-saving benefits will help you decide.

5 Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Save You Money

1. Agents Are Experts at Staging a House

Preparing a house to look as attractive as possible for potential buyers is called staging. And this is a skill that realtors know well, including many clever aesthetic techniques to ensure your house makes the very best first impression possible.  

Inexperienced sellers often underestimate the immense value of proper staging. By guiding you through the necessary cleaning, redecoration, rearranging of furniture, and other little improvements, your agent can sometimes add thousands to the sale price of your house.

2. You Save Money on Professionals

Preparing a house for sale usually involves hiring various professionals. This might include handymen for repairs, decorators,  contractors, landscapers, professional cleaners, mortgage lenders, attorneys, house inspectors, and more.

After years of building relationships with these local experts, a seasoned realtor offers you access to their database of the best in town. As a cherry on the sundae, they can even sometimes arrange discounted fees.

3. Agents Can Price Your Home Correctly

If you price your property too high, it might sit on the market for weeks or months without any attention. And if you price it too low, you might lose tens of thousands of dollars on a sale.

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Good agents have a finger on the pulse of the local real estate market and extensive experience with past home sales in your area, whether that's Victoria, TX, or anywhere else in the state. They can help you price your house correctly the first time around, saving you a great deal of wasted money and time.

4. Agents Are Experts at Negotiating

Perhaps the greatest money-making and saving contribution an agent provides is their expertise in negotiating. After successfully negotiating dozens or even hundreds of similar homes to yours, realtors pick up all kinds of effective strategies.

These methods might involve finding and focusing on highly motivated buyers, putting expiration dates on counteroffers, stimulating a bidding war, negotiating for a zero-cost leaseback arrangement, or simply knowing when to reject an offer and stick to your guns. All this negotiating know-how can make a huge difference to your final buying price.

5. You Save Valuable Time 

When selling your first house, it's easy to underestimate how lengthy and tiresome the process can be. Without an agent helping out, it's likely to take you weeks or months longer to sell your home. And that's not months spent twiddling your thumbs.

Selling a house requires mountains of paperwork, inspections, repairs, and all kinds of activities to beautify your house. Meeting buyers and experiencing all the false starts and disappointments of negotiations can also be a time-intensive emotional rollercoaster. An agent can take almost all these tasks off your hands, giving you back your time, along with a quicker, easier, more profitable sale.

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